Thursday, May 29, 2014

the house that God built

The honeymoon phase is over… But the house is still amazing!

Sometimes we think, oh, surely… surely if I get this or if that happens… surely then I will be happy, we will be better, things will be lovely... but the truth is, we bring ourselves into every new and better thing!

Even in a new home, the issues we face are those we brought with us; off kilter schedules, differing opinions, unpleasant habits…

So, the true method is to greet each day with a new measure of grace. Grace for ourselves and for one another.

And be thankful for all of the places we are in, the new and the old, the challenging and the exciting. 

Truly grateful to live in the house that God built!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oh mama where ya been?

This is what I'm into, what I'm up to, where I've been sort of update....

What I'm into… Well, our family has moved... The dream house is a dream and is no longer a dream.. it's reality!  It is a dream because honestly it is utterly amazing!

This is the house that God built. 

So what else is new? I am privileged to be able to take part in leadership training through my work and I'm excited because it will apply so well to many areas of my life, not just at work.

I'm dealing with some new physical challenges that are redirecting me from the computer... and dreaming of working someday with people. I am on a team that is developing a feasibility study for our area which will provide us some input for growth. If I have my way, I will spend my 50's and 60's running a community center and being a liaison between people and local resources, sharing Christ where I can!