Meet the Author -- the basics:


Living a semi rural life just outside Portland Oregon

Married a particular Jake, 15 16 years and counting

Mom to three teenage girls

Passionate about people and resources

Employed by a very cool local metal fab shop


Just add words:
Well, what's there to know, really??? I'm a mom, a wife, a friend, a volunteer, a sister, a listener, an off the wall crazy woman who refuses to grow up too fast, a christian who is forever going to be learning about god and faith and trust and love, an occasional blonde... Someday I want to write a book, I love to sing when people didn't glamorize it so much, I miss good friendships, I love being in my 30's even though I keep finding silly grey hair.

Having the girls grow up before my eyes is absolutely amazing - and really cool! I remember my mom when she was my age, and I realize my girls will do the same.  What an honor to walk with them in this life! I'm the blessed one...