Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kitchen - week 2 challenge

I learned a lot about my lack of planning when I set out to clean and organize the kitchen - here we have before:

I decided to split things due to week 3 being drawers - here are our cabinets after (a couple days later and everything!!) This one cabinet really is most of our foodstuffs - we have a small cabinet above the stove and our cereal boxes on the fridge... the small space keeps me grocery shopping weekly but also helps me hoard a lot less! Also looking at these after pictures helped me see that the peanut butter was gone... time to grocery shop!

This is the only cookbook I actually refer to when cooking... You saw my collection... You may ask yourself, why have all the books... I don't know... it's something to collect, I suppose!

Monday, March 12, 2012


I visited a local used bookstore this weekend, the kind of place you can stay for hours, if only you had the time... There were women chatting about how cookbooks multiply like rabbits, and when I got home, I realized they were right! I think it's time to trim the collection, I barely even cook right now... But the pictures look so yummy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kids Stuff Week 1 Challenge

Okay, so I decided to the Simple Mom challenge and clear the house of clutter. This is the end of week one, kids stuff. With my girls being teenagers, I don't handle their rooms anymore... but books and games, oh my!

Here we have before:

Books and games were generally piled into their "homes" without thought... Its amazing what I found!

Here is after:

Books have been tamed, and many were piled in the giveaway box.. 

And the games have been tidied; the top shelf is for those we use less often, and for the duplicates.. I know we don't need two games of scrabble, but I can't part with one just  yet...

The middle shelf of our cabinet is actually also storage for extra sheets and will be useful for more towels.. which we seem to run out of often having 4 teenage girls in the house right now!

There we go, week one. I had more goals but I'm not finding enough time. Its a great start!