Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hi, I'm Lanelle and I'm a Jesus Feminist

Feminism: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 

The phrase "Jesus Feminist" has been floating around the web for months as a gracious, creative woman named Sarah chose to write a book. The book is titled Jesus Feminist ... and it is being released today.

This title is causing a tremendous wave of criticism and uproar... As if words cannot be properly understood any longer.....

With that, I declare myself a Jesus Feminist. 

I am Jesus Feminist because...

All people were created in the image of God & Jesus died on the cross for all of us.
God is the one who knits together and gives good gifts. I am not broken for being born female. I am not broken for having a mind, gifts, talents, and abilities...
Love and Respect are real 
Because the whole law is fulfilled in one word "you shall love your neighbor as yourself"
People die every day without hearing the truth and name of Jesus.
Whole families die every day all around the world for a lack of water and food
Women die every day as a result of withheld medical care 
Girls like Malala Yousafzai are brave enough to risk everything for an education
Women in third world nations are changing their communities by working together
Because women are still treated as property and rape is still common
Because women in our senate worked together against our government shutdown
Because I truly believe women need to step up and stand up and stop throwing their lives away - Boys need fathers not just baby-daddys
Because lists of what women can and cannot do just make me ill. Scripture is already written - do we need man-made lists?
Because I am thankful that my grandmothers generation fought for the right to vote
 We are the light to the world

Because way back in Numbers God gives a provision to women when making a vow before the Lord.  God could have simply said that women cannot make vows. What I see in this passage is a loving father who desires women and men to be in relationship with him.

Because I have three daughters. They are very important to me, and I hope they are never derailed by the war of words and definitions. My desire is that they would fix their eyes on Jesus and pursue him wholly - no matter what call he places on their life - no matter what people think - no matter what the institutional church says. Throughout scripture there are stories of men and women recklessly and fearlessly living life. That is what I want for all of our young men and women.. our sons and our daughters ... That is why I am a Jesus Feminist.

This post is part of the BEAUTIFUL Sarah Bessey's synchroblog to celebrate the release of her amazing new book, Jesus Feminist. Calling men and women to stand together for God's Kingdom come. Find the original post here.


  1. I relate to all of this but especially to not wanting my daughter to be limited by labels and definitions. Lovely post!

    1. I remember a story or tract from when I was a child. In this story there was a giant library, and each of the book covers were titled "Jesus Christ." There was a book for every person, and inside of your book you found the story of your life... That is the label I want for my daughters, to see their whole identity in Christ and his call on them.

  2. This makes me cheer. Well done!

  3. I love that this is what you want for everyone, our sons as well as our daughters.

    1. This is an area where I have had a lot of conflict. Certainly if I am for one I cannot be for all, right? By being a feminist I am against men. sigh. Quite the contrary, I believe we need strong men AND women, who are living their whole life in pursuit of Christ, unafraid to speak and to live boldly. We need to set aside all of the things that get in the way, legalistic restrictions and rules of all sorts, so that we can effectively live and move in a culture that is rapidly dying, so as to be a light that shines brightly for all.

  4. Amen and amen. So good, Lanelle - thank you for this!

  5. Great post, Lanelle! I too want my daughter and granddaughter to be able to realize their full potential in Christ without man-made rules defining who they are and what they can do. Loved your entire list of why you are a Jesus Feminist!

    1. Thank you Holly, it has been an interesting adventure to raise up these girls knowing their immediate community of faith is not on our side. It takes grace, boldness, and a lot of prayer not to just be a rabble-rouser! we can do this :)