Sunday, November 3, 2013

Falling Back

This morning time fell back, and took my sleep with it.

Tis the season of the chill - of the woodsmoke and the rain - the whole of it all preparing for dormancy. Tis the season of books, boots, and blankets. I'm already plotting a visit to warmer climes..

On books. I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver "Flight Behavior" and Lauren Winner "Girl Meets God" - Annie Dillard "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" is next up on the kindle, and my copy of Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey will arrive on Friday (I hope!)

I'm reading the old testament - taking time to consider the lives of the israelites as they wander through leviticus, numbers, and deuteronomy. My goal for this fall is to read the whole old testament. I'm burned out on Paul, honestly, and his church instruction. I wanted to get back to the roots of it all.

I pulled an old friend off the bookshelf to rebuild some rhythms. I think my house is as homey as its going to get and I need to find a way to settle into it. You are 18 months in, Lanelle, 18 months in. 18 to go, give or take, before you can consider the walks and trees of a neighborhood house... learn to live in the moment you are in. My old friend? Oh yes, Disciplines for the Inner Life.

Today is communion sunday. Communion in this place is hard, as it seems I cannot pause deep enough to find the sacrament in the method. Ah well. this is where I am and here I stay until further notice.

The eldest is on an adventure all alone. Sixteen years old, cash in her pocket and a passport in her hand... she traveled alone by train to see her friend in Tacoma. A mere 3 hour train ride, but for the momma - buying adult train tickets with her girl - its a jolt.

Not impressed with the thought that that I'm edging toward 40 and an empty nest. In the midst of this, how can we fathom that?

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