Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jesus Feminist part deux

The heart of the matter is Jesus....

I have had friends say "what is it with this feminist thing?" This saddens me, as I don't believe any different than I did yesterday.... This feminist thing has been on my mind as long as I've been a believer. I was raised to ask questions, and questions I ask. I was given an opportunity to pursue life, and life I pursue.

Arguing sides in the gender debate isn't the point of our life here on earth, but (from my perspective at least) a major distraction from the enemy.  Ultimately... gifting, calling, and roles are given by God. I see no scriptural evidence to the contrary.
Consider for a moment the greatest point in Christian history. The word became flesh and dwelt among us, keeping his eyes fixed on purpose, even though he was hated, rejected, and crucified by those people that were considered to be wise on earth. Radically counter-cultural, he spoke and demons fled. He spoke and dead men rose. He didn't seem very concerned with the opinion of the religious institution of the day. His calling was laid out before him and he walked it.
I think what is happening is that time is coming into focus and many are being awakened. This generation is no longer content sitting idle, but rather compelled to truly live! Live your calling, live your life. No matter whether at home, at work, in the church, or in nature - pursue Jesus with all of your heart, soul mind and strength. This is the greatest commandment. This is the call on our life, and to deny that calling is to deny the Christ we believe in.

To be fair, we have a long way to go. Heaven is not in my backyard. I know there is a difficulty for some who study the bible... This difficulty stems from what I believe is the same root that led the Israelites away from seeing Christ as the Messiah. The good news is that we are no longer waiting on a Messiah, but rather a returning triumphant king. I don't have point/counterpoint references to back this up, but just a sense of the story.

One thing I know with confidence, we MUST encourage one another to press on. Press on so as to run with endurance the race set before us. Not the race others set before us, the race that is comfortable for them to have in their proximity, but the race that has been designed for you. Just a little warning here, yours may not be the most popular race... it may be filled with diapers and sticky fingers, or it may be filled with beatings and martyrdom. Run your race anyway. Connect as you can, and we will hold up your tired arms.

The words of scripture are not just words on a page to study and dissect, but LIFE giving nourishment. What good news! Some of us relate with Mary, Martha, or the woman at the well, others to the disciples of Christ. Still others, Barnabas or Prisca or Mary or Paul. Each story unique and yet, not entirely disconnected. There is a thread that ties us all together...

His name is Jesus.

So, I will say it again... yes...
I am a Jesus Feminist. 

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