Thursday, October 31, 2013

When we were on fire

"Looking at the tops of clouds, their puffy lacy-ness, just makes me think of how many years God was the only one to see the world and clouds from such a height." March 2006

There was a day before that day - the day when my christian naivete burst like a balloon and the hard reality of living as a small town christian woman lay before...

Ironically, that day I was not on fire. Nor have I yet been. But I'm living at a slow smolder. I've seen the promised land, tasted the fruit, and found it good.

"Now listen, I created you, the way you are - ordained the circumstances of your life and put you where you are because I love you. I don't make junk. You are mine, and if I decide that you are to be in vinyl repair or a turnip farmer, this is my plan for you, and it will be best for you and for my plan. I don't need your help, but I like to be with you. Rejoice in that and don't change until I open the doors. You keep trying to kick them down. Why don't you go to a movie or something and let me run the universe..." This must be from the message version of the bible. Or some graphic novel.

Anyway, as I was saying...

There are things I am ultra passionate about. Jesus was pretty passionate too - so at least I'm in really good company. I'm passionate about mentoring & discipleship - I'm passionate about teenagers, especially fatherless boys but also girls - I'm passionate about grace. Lets just look at the bible and see where Jesus drew boxes around people ... oh, he didn't do that? Then why does his church. I'm passionate about taking care of people. I'm passionate about encouraging people to pursue Jesus, know their kids, and take good care of their mental health. I'm passionate about the people of the whole world coming to faith in Christ. my friends in Nepal, India, Haiti. places that have been incredibly closed off. The word of God ... so rich and beautiful... I am especially passionate about my daughters and the 21st century church. My deepest hope and prayer is that as they mature into womanhood, they will see the church as a place they belong. Not in this community necessarily, but somewhere they will find an open niche for their gifting to be used for his Glory.

Or at least that in their home they will :)

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  1. One of my favorite things about you is that you are passionate about Jesus and embrace life with such enthusiasm! :)