Thursday, October 24, 2013

For 48 hours I was heading to haiti

deep and urgent the call was - unmistakable.
so I stepped into the water and I began to walk...
worthiness is not defined by the standards of the world...

and then the edge fell away, and we found the water too deep to continue.

What does a person do with this? I know many (most) see crazy. I see opportunity - pursuit - life.

I know, we prefer things neat and tidy. We prefer savings accounts and retirement funds, logical plans, time. Of all things we prefer time - time to plan, to prepare, to evaluate...

Our unsettled souls desire the speed to distract..
to hide, to escape. 
The Lord says - rest, peace and joy
are found in his purpose. 

One asked, are you at peace?
Absolutely ~ I went to the edge... What was that all about then? So many proper people want to know. Well. I've thought. Perhaps faith? Perhaps relationships? Perhaps deeper awareness? Perhaps simple obedience.

You cannot live without movement, without walking. You cannot stand without risking to fall. Such truth in simplicity.

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