Monday, December 31, 2012

Ring in the New!

Here we are, on the brink of the new year. Bells are ringing throughout the world to celebrate the dawning of new opportunities, new seasons, new dreams. What a year we had -

January - Beach days, dessert days, & Cancer Scares
February - Mother in Law is CANCER FREE!!
March - Let the purging of the stuff begin - time to put the property on the market...
April - Doors and Windows fling wide to possibilities in Central Asia
May - Moving... Oh, Moving!
June - Haiti with Rachel. Always walk in an attitude of expectancy - Expect the New!
July - REST
August - Beach Days & the Simmons/Butler Wedding
September - New Schools - MAA & EJHS, New Home Group & the Color Run!
October - Compassion Connect Banquet - Unify & Mobilize the Church to Serve
November - Sophia is Expecting!
December - Sweet Baby Olivia, Long Talks with a great friend, & Canoeing the Santa Fe in Florida

If I were to pick three words to describe this past year, they would be
unexpected, adventurous, and daring

Unexpected - Cancer, the lack thereof... Home sales, the lack thereof.. Moving anyway...
Adventurous - Beach Days, Dessert Days, Haiti, New Schools, Florida & Central Asia
Daring - There was so much of this category... the most daring? Discussing the faith symbolism of my butterfly tattoo with a guy on the beach in Haiti. Awesome.

Lets close this year... Consider your greatest gift -  the blessing to impact and free people with the truth of Christ. The glorious mystery of grace, the beautiful joy of a whole and complete life!


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