Tuesday, February 11, 2014

safe harbor

This is a great place to rest but not a good place to live

Safe harbor is lovely when storms are about. I can't stay here; much
as I might want to. Ships are designed to be at sea.

My ship... my ship is going to pause a while. Supplies are low and
it's going to take time to find a new crew... The sails need repair,
and  there's some patching to do on the hull. But spring is coming, I
will have to press on. I want to be ready when the southerly blows.

Life can be pondered in this way.  Our lives are much like ships on a
vast and endless ocean...  with storms and floods,  sunshine &
freedom... right at our fingertips.

We have to chase it ... It doesn't come just by sitting still in the harbor.

I think about David in the cave of Adullum ~ I think about him
pondering Saul's life in his hands... I think of Christ in the garden
of Gethsemane...  Knowing his fate and the fate of all mankind...

I find it interesting that I've been so aware this year. I don't know
if it's age or maturity or awakening but there's something different
now. I'm grateful for that. As painful as the lessons are ... as
hollow as my stomach feels .... as heavy as the burden .. I know this
is this is actually pretty awesome. I know that every moment has been
for purpose. I know that every dream has been a gift. I know that
every hope has a future.

As for me, I'll spend this season in the harbor, preparing to venture
out again... Into the vast and endless ocean that's before me.

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