Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Past the Ides of March

I can't believe I am back at this, but after a year and losing my blogger address, I'm back to blogging. My friend Emily both inspired and encouraged me to do this.

We are past the ides and heading into spring. I couldn't sleep last night as I contemplated the bright sky of summer and the desires I have to somehow some-day live in such a way that I can get my daily dose of vitamin d. Such is life north of the 45th parallel.

A little about me. My previous blog was titled "Rambling Through" and I considered naming this one the same, but changing the address (as previously noted, my old one was consumed by someone else. Sad but true) Rambling Through was a concept I conceived as I muddled my way through early marriage, elementary school age children, and college (for myself.) I "think" I see a little more clearly now, although I know that could just be my glasses... Our current sermon series at church is titled "One Life" -- and that seems to me a much better approach to my daily.

I am 33 years old and have been married for 14 years (tomorrow) to Jake. We together have three daughters, presently 10, 12, and 13... I currently work full time at a metal fab shop in our small town, which is an amazingly convenient position for a mom to have. I have been there for over two years now, and I am the "Executive Assistant" which usually feels like a fancy way to describe secretary and assistant, but someone once decided everyone needed a title, so there you go. I even have business cards. I graduated three years ago from a local community college with a degree in Computer Applications, which, believe it or not, is a fancy way for me to say I know how to use software. Most people use this education in a much more career oriented way.

We live on 5.5 acres of grass, with a couple buildings scattered about and (I think) eight old oak trees. I was born and raised in the city of Portland (save a handful of years in Seattle, but I have to admit I was pretty tiny. I still claim it!) I am, all the way to my core, a city person. Except the minor detail of living in the country.

This winter I started making official decisions to head into the city with the girls at least a couple times a month. I have many reasons for doing this. Our family is a bit sheltered out here, and I want to expose them to exciting adventures in a safe way. We visit different churches while there, and I don't think I have offended too many people, especially our pastor, by doing this. We also visit malls and bookstores - and I hope during this summer to add parks and museums. We'll see.

I am a Christian, not quite one that has a radical definition, though. I prefer Christ Follower over "Baptist, Calvinist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, etc." Not really liberal or conservative - it depends on the issue. I'm not interested in working for a corporate entity as long as I live... I suppose I am a bit socialist. (is this legal to say in America?)

Oh, the daughters.

So, the oldest is ART + softball. The middle is socially awkward NERD + running. The youngest is DRAMA + soccer. This makes for an amazing blend of fun in our household. It also makes for very trying moments for mom. I will admit I have concocted my own cocktails for such evenings.

I have the best dog ever, her name is Asia. We tried to help Jake by getting him a dog, which backfired. So we have Copper, the basset hound, who mostly just drives us all crazy. Some family brought an indoor cat to our house and we just "had to keep him." So we also have Kitty/Spud (depending upon who you ask.) Just don't forget I live on acreage... I have four cats that live on my porch... three of whom are female.

The husband. Jake puts up with a ton. Imagine being the guy in a house full of estrogen. I don't know how he does it most of the time. He spent almost the entire year of 2010 unemployed, the recession hit our family hard. At the eleventh hour God provided him with the best job that there could be. He works for a corporate entity in the city. The only downside that I can see at present is his commute; public transit is free....

There you have US, in no particular order. Look for something new in a couple days, L.

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