Monday, May 9, 2011

A Vision

Our kids look out and see potential - things to dream for, hidden valleys to explore

Our teens walk with energy and passion into their maturity, knowing they are supported in prayer and love by a unique, God crafted family

Our newlyweds feel secure in their union; upheld by community, gifted by the wisdom of their elders, unified in faith.

Our families are surrounded by prayer and support, knowing they aren't alone on their adventure, but a friend is just a phone call away.

Our empties walk with fresh energy and vision into the next season of their life, not done, but just beginning!

Our elders are discerning and bold, walking with faith each step of the way as they guide the people of the church

Our seniors look back over their seasons with pride and thanks, knowing as they depart this earth they are leaving a legacy of grace and truth in the generations they have impacted.


  1. hey
    did you write that ????

  2. yep, that was me. Mulling some things over using words...
    Thanks, L.