Monday, August 22, 2011

New Seasons

Summer took an incredibly long time to arrive this year - and as a result, each morning we have a summer/fall mashup. It FEELS like fall at 6:30 in the morning -- Except for the swirling currents of warm air that indicate another hot day.

I've just about completed my first gig at Linfield college, and I'm really enjoying everything. Okay, except the fact that to find employment they say I need a Masters degree. bosh. Exploring cultural and societal adaptations is very cool, learning more about the history of our region was beneficial, and I can't wait for another course!

I think the concept that will last with me forever is the juxtaposition between hinterland and trendsetter found in the Pacific Northwest - especially in the 21st century.

So - how else is this a new season?
I'm exploring couponing as a way to save a bit more money and use our limited cash appropriately. Thanks to for the helpful instructions (and my dear friend Rachel who pointed me there!)

I'm ditching the smartphone and going back to basic. I can't cut our contracts with Verizon, so I did the next cheapest thing, and I'm excited to go back to "normal." The one and probably only thing I will miss? The ability to stream Pandora as I drive on trips! But I'll save $35 a month on the phone bill... Worth it!

I've fallen head over heals in love with the Simple Mom network of websites. Today, for example, the most yummy recipe for fall breakfasts is to be found on

I'm using Google Reader to keep up with my blogs

I've subscribed to Relevant and Neue magazines - and really should subscribe to Real Simple but instead I'm going to try VERY HARD to check it out at the library. Glossy images of yummy food, you slay me!

I've come to love my kindle for all kinds of specialty reads - like the book I had to review for my PNW class.

I've got a lovely daughter landing in High School. I'm so incredibly proud of her - and she seems to want to survive her teen years. The middle is off to junior high, and periodically I see a maturing version pop out of her - and the youngest, ah, she cannot wait for school - as living in the country brings her as much frustration as it does me. Poor girl, I wish I could place a sidewalk for you. This will bring you good things, at some point in your life you will be thankful!

It brings me great joy to have daughters who live a common life - a life that allows them to be children, to get to know Christ and see faith in action, to have great friends in and out of the church, to be exposed to reality but not completely immersed in pain...  They have spent the summer learning various household management skills - with limited success as mom is off to work each morning - but it has been good for us all.

Books and things -- The Collector and The Good Rain - both books for class but I'm glad I bought them!

Deep Church & A Kingdom Called Desire -- I'm going to read these books over my summer break from classes

I found an interesting book from the 70's titled the anti-american generation, and I'm reading it too - mostly in little bits, but it has some fascinating insights that I see even today as I talk to people and meet them. Surprise, there isn't anything new under the sun...

Adele, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Mumford and Sons,music to my ears. Don't forget David Crowder, Reliant K, Rootdown, and Switchfoot :)

Diet Dr Pepper with a slight touch of vanilla vodka. Put your feet up and listen to the relaxing sounds of a pool filter and a splashing 11 year old. ahh.

Last -- but never least -- cookbooks. Added to my collection this summer, The Clinton St Baking Company cookbook and Ruhlmans Twenty. I believe they will both end up as staples in my house, just like the Family Baker has.

Facebook has not come back, and I no longer miss it at all. My thoughts are turning toward Pinterist however, and so I'm just staying away!

have a marvelous summer!

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