Sunday, August 28, 2011


So, we have jumped headlong into our small spaces transition ...  You know how this goes, right?

In case you've forgotten it goes a little something like:

"I'm thinking we will have to arrange things this way..." And we agree... mostly...

And then "Oh, while I'm at the salon, can you do that for us?" (note that this was really a joke, but...)

Upon arriving home from the salon, I found two rooms of my house in the backyard or generally piled in the living room. So.. We have actually gotten a whole room, done, my bedroom! All things that don't belong are not going in, and its a lot freer feeling, although just a touch smaller. Without a closet or a window that opens at all. Time to accentuate the good things!

* we can fit a queen size bed!
* I have a chair in there for reading now, and an eight foot long bookcase to fill with treasures.
* It is the coolest room in the house, even without a window (thank you concrete flooring!)
* While there is no window, you actually access the laundry and the backyard through my room, so I can just open the doors!
* It is located far away from the television so the family can stay up watching movies and I can go to sleep -- no more bass reverberations! Also, since it is in the garage, I won't feel the movement of the dogs or kids as they walk through the house! Double bonus!
* I will have continued access to my former closet, in what will be the office / homework room. Never fear, I will still have my not so ironed clothing at my fingertips!

And lastly, this move will force me to ditch stuff I don't need and keep what I do need in a more creative way!

Next stop, the office. That might take a while!

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