Monday, September 12, 2011

small spaces - lesson two

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You will find out, when you attempt to purge and rearrange, that it is exhausting and time consuming work. However, the thrill of the finish (or the semi finished state, as we will talk about in a moment) is quite rejuvenating.

We were able to essentially flip our house over the course of two weekends and the week in the middle; moving all of the furniture in three complete rooms to allow everything to fit and be more usefully arranged. Boy, was it a lot of work! And of course, it was was extra work due to the stuff we had allowed to accumulate in every corner and cranny. Of the three rooms, only one is considered "done" - the one belonging to our youngest daughter - and really that is only due to the tiny size of the space!

My room is about 80% complete. There was an 8' long existing bookcase on the wall of the "room" which contained a plethora of books and also housed our liquor cabinet.  I haven't even attempted to touch the bookcase or any of its contents yet - but I am thrilled with the new room! I think the most fantastic thing about it is the absolute lack of space for clutter. I have a single bench which I throw magazines on and a chair which also has magazines (strange, eh?) but all of them are from the library and other than that, the room is very simple and clean. I will try to take some pictures but the lighting is very low and they aren't easy to take.

The "girl room" is about 80% complete as well. There is an entire closet of "we once were little girls" which I have to pile through and dispose of, and I suppose that is hard for me to do as I haven't even started it yet. How strange it is when your children move from childhood to being teenagers - how quickly they stop playing with their awesome toys and start just piling up the clothes and other "girly stuff"

You could say that our living room is complete - we didn't set out to work on it but I don't believe it will change until something wild and crazy happens... therefore, its probably our finest work and done!

Just to show that we aren't all spartan and clutter free, I have some photos of our "office" which is the final room in the house for this project, and it is a veritable disaster!

All photos tomorrow -

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