Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a blink...

Today a good friend died suddenly of a heart attack.

Not only was he a good friend to me, but he was intricately involved in the company I work for and mixed in the life of my boss and his family. The loss of Steve will be profoundly felt all around Clackamas County.

The one thing on my mind as I attempted to absorb the news was how quickly... how quickly...

Life passes in a blink. One moment you can be chatting and going about your business, very busy and focused, very determined and project oriented. The next could find your tires squealing as you race to the scene... paramedics and hospitals and ... gone.

Who to trust? Where to lean? Where is your hope?

Steve is in heaven, thrilled and fully content. All thanks to a moment in which he stopped to consider the future. All thanks to walking every day following that moment fully convinced that the redemptive God who had saved him had put him on earth for the purpose of His glory, and while flawed and still living on earth, still passionately served and loved that God who was Just and Right and True.

In my heart and mind I struggle with grief, but in my soul I believe, and rest.
So, hey there God, enjoy Steve, he was a faithful husband, father and friend, and he is surely missed. I can't wait to see him again, someday. Thanks for the special gift you gave Amanda, by allowing her father to walk her down the aisle last Friday night. Thanks also for being the rock which Chris can cling to as she walks through the next days and weeks with Hannah still home and still in need of a daddy... I know you will take good care of them, that is one of your specialties...

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