Wednesday, September 25, 2013

giving voice to my dreams

I hate dreaming
Dreaming, like hopes and expectations, is messy and dangerous.

No matter, I find myself a dreamer - so tonight I'll dump them out of my head.

Our dreams of a house in town have been dashed for a season. The stall was good, it allowed us to gain more clarity, that yes, we are to settle in this micro town, and yes, we are to stay. Waiting on the Lord is very very hard. I'm an impatient woman.

When I'm in a spot, a moody, sad stomping depressed sort of spot, psalm 27:4 comes to mind and my longing to sit at the feet of Jesus is amplified. I feel like I've lived enough lifetimes and my only place of rest is too far away.

I dream of a knight in shining armor ..

I dream of being comfortable in my own skin. 

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