Saturday, June 18, 2011


I am a mom. This means I usually end up talking about my kids a great deal. I decided perhaps I should get that out of the way now, so as to discuss some of my other favorite things...

First things first. There have been days along this parenting journey that I wanted to get in my car and drive as fast as I could in the opposite direction and never look back. I have come to see this is normal, so if you ever feel that way, you aren't alone!

Second, I truly love my girls. The older they get, the more interesting life gets! I never fully planned the notion of motherhood, so when it happened, I found myself in a brand new adventure. I read, and read, and read some more. I found some styles of parenting which fit my grid, and I practiced them at a level comfy for all of us. I stayed at home until I felt like I could do something part time, and I did something part time until full time work became a reality. My number one parenting belief is, "get to know your kids as individuals." I think that a lot of people try one size fits all approaches to their kids (like many other things) and I discovered that wasn't our reality!

To weave our Oregonian address into this, I will just give a shout out to God for creating such an amazing place to live and raise a family. One hour to the beach. One hour to the mountains. Fair enough shelter from the wind and harsh weather. An excellent valley climate for yards and gardens. Occasional snow. Quirky people that live in the Metro area so my girls exposure to the world isn't quite so narrow. My favorite thing? Not having to teach the girls to pump their own gas, thanks to the law of the land! Jake can teach them if they drive to Washington, ha!

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