Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Reading

Summer in the pacific northwest... It is wet today; a damp, drizzly sort of rain is falling which will keep us from drying out too early - and keep us from preparing for August...the dry, windy month that helps us completely forget (albeit, only briefly) that winter is real.

I am considering my summer reading "plan", having just finished Atlas Shrugged, and in so doing decided to take a walk through the past to see where some of my former favorite authors are hiding...

Anne Lamott, Ruskin Bond, Donald Miller, Anne Jackson, Shauna Niequist... countless other authors have made my lists throughout the years. I am going to revisit some of these good friends - and pick up some new ones along the way during the summer of 2011, if I am may be so inclined:

Anne Lamott: Bird by Bird
Ruskin Bond: Rain in the Mountains
Donald Miller: A million miles
Anne Jackson: Permission to Speak Freely
Shauna Niequist: Bittersweet
Kathleen Norris: Acedia and Me
Lynne Hybels: Nice Girls don't Change the World

I am also going to read The Life of Pi, and the curious incident of the dog in the night-time...

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