Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Links

Today is Mothers Day...
I sent a card to mom... did you?

I'm mom, so I get to choose the one thing I truly want. And you know, that one thing.. it doesn't cost money... but it does require something that I can't control.. that sunshine, our elusive friend in the pacific northwest...  I've been surprised to wake up to a full blue sky and glorious sunshine streaming in...  I fully intend to sit on my porch with a mug of coffee and listen to the world and just rest...

Meanwhile, I've been reading about the web. Here are some of my favorite things:

The Nester shares her journey in Tanzania with the Compassion Bloggers: What's your plan for tomorrow? I was really challenged by reading this post and I hope you are too!

Jayme takes amazing photos of animals and people - she is able to capture the spark of life in her photography... I am looking forward to her future: My Happy Place

Baked by Rachel shares a Julia Child rolled omelet recipe that is ready in... get this... three minutes! I have not been able to perfect it yet, probably due to the fact that I'm not using enough butter... I will keep trying, though, as this is probably the easiest breakfast food I've found to make - and it fits right in with my healthy eating plan: Julia Child Rolled Omelette

Being in community and living in a small town, I've run across much debate and tension over the years... over little things... over big things...  I feel it is appropriate to close with a profound thought I read this week in the comments on Internet Monk...

So we argue on, while the world burns down around us. God help us. Indeed.

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