Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Here it is, the final week! This means that some of us have already packed and repacked our bags a few times…. double checking everything to make sure its all in order. I still need something... Oh, grapefruit seed extract? I've been fending off some kind of virus this week... a cold, I think.

We had a great time Sunday as we packed away all of the gifts going with us - about 50 pounds of childrens tylenol, 50 pounds of shoes, about 100 pairs of reading glasses, lots of clothing, and cases of jump ropes  - THANK YOU!

We had room for everything in the baggage limits we were give, as God would so design it :0)

The solar equipment is going with us in our carry on luggage, so that it will make it no matter what!

Please pray for us -
  • we are excited and need to get a good night's rest the next few days.
  • we long to be spiritually ready for Haiti and so some of us are fasting today or tomorrow.
  • some of us still have financials to be worked out.
  • six of our team mates are new to short term missions. these new travelers may be nervous, apprehensive, excited, overwhelmed, or all of the above.
After a red-eye flight across country, we will arrive in Port-Au-Prince at 1pm Saturday. The anticipated forecast for Haiti is 97* with 80-100% humidity!

Excited for the opportunity to be the hands, feet, and words of Christ in Haiti -
Lanelle & Rachel

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