Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend Links

Moving is harsh and I feel like it has swallowed all of my mental acuity whole... I am fully prepared for this bit to be completely behind us; one last weekend to go!

So, since its the weekend, I decided I would share EVERY blog I follow with you.

Don't worry, there aren't that many...
A Holy Experience -
Internet Monk -
(in)courage -

The Hambulletin -
Pilgrims -
Adams Page - 
JD Pet Photography -
Reluctant Entertainer -
Simple Bites -
Simple Design -
Simple Mom -
Rachel the Hat -
Andy & Belle -
Smile & Wave -

I found many of the food ones on - my all time favorite website. And most of the clothing and style sites were found through friends! I'm turning 35 this weekend...and feeling just a little bit insecure...

Here is what I've been thinking of the most this week - No one can make us quite as unsure about ourselves as another woman.

And filtering through me on a daily basis, the hymn, I Surrender All.


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  1. I checked out that post and it definitely resonated with me...I love you Lanelle and thank God all the time for our blossoming friendship! You are a beautiful encouragement to so many!!!